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Mohammad Turfah
Bachelor of Business Administration 

I joined Kappa Alpha Pi during the fall term of my freshman year—what KAPi has given me in terms of professional growth and a community on campus have shaped my time at the University of Michigan.


Perhaps the most valuable resource KAPi has to offer is the membership. KAPi members are highly driven and thoroughly accomplished, consistently acquiring some of the most competitive internships, and continuing to succeed at top-14 law schools.

In addition, the organization has strong representation in a variety of academic programs and majors, including Public Policy, PPE, Organizational Studies, Business, and Art & Design. As an underclassman, the older membership and alumni were an incredible resource in helping me to determine my academic / career interests and accomplish my professional goals; I look forward to providing this same mentorship to new members. KAPi also offers a weekly speaker series tailored towards members’ career and legal interests, as well as a broad set of professional development workshops.


Beyond the professional benefits, I am beyond grateful for the incredible friends I’ve made through the organization. Some of my most fond college memories include movie nights, Friendsgiving, barn dances, impromptu weekend trips, and IM basketball games made possible by the strong brotherhood KAPi fosters.


As I reflect on my tenure at the University of Michigan, rushing Kappa Alpha Pi is the best decision I’ve made. The organization promises strong professional growth and a sense of community that is truly unlike any other on campus. I look forward to my continued involvement in KAPi and giving back to an organization that has given me so much. 

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Evon Yao
B.A. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

When I joined Kappa Alpha Pi my first semester of freshman year, I had no way to anticipate what a large role it would play in my college experience. Paramount to the professional experiences and service work I've been a part of, KAPi has brought me a community that is unmatched at the University of Michigan.


In KAPi, I have found individuals that I look up to and am lucky enough to call some of my life-long friends. When I first entered college, I realized that KAPi members were the types of people I had always hoped to meet and befriend. Navigating such a large campus, I didn't find a strong sense of belonging until I participated in rush. On top of the professional opportunities and experiences offered, I admired the close relationship the entire membership seemed to share with one another.


Soon enough, I found myself swept up in the KAPi brotherhood and the organization's invaluable resources. Whether it was the weekly speaker series or career advice, I could always find a member who was willing to help. The people I have met in KAPi have transformed me both personally and professionally. They bring out the best in me, are constantly encouraging me to grow, and believe in me when I fail to believe in myself. 


On campus, KAPi is home to me. Rushing this organization was the best choice I made at Michigan, and I'm forever grateful for my KAPi family.

Sara Lilley
B.A. Political Science
B.A. International Studies
Minor in Philosophy

When I first arrived at this huge university, I realized that I had a chance to become part of something special. The first step was finding a way to make this huge university smaller. Having moved to 5 different high schools, and 3 different universities, I was never able to fully commit myself to any organization or group. Kappa Alpha Pi changed all that and helped me to find a community here on campus right away. The people who were rushing alongside me were one of the coolest and most inspirational people that I have ever met. In addition, the members were extremely helpful and welcoming during this whole process. I never knew that I could come out of my shell that fast.


As I was writing this testimonial, I reflected on how much this organization brings out the best in people. I never had a group that cared about me as much as this clever bunch. All the movie nights, comic book conversations, sporting events, volunteer work, and even just study groups have allowed me to bond with so many beautiful people--who I know are going to do amazing things. Who knew that having a KFC themed thanksgiving meal could become legendary? Or going to UMIX after formal—which, by the way, was fantastic! I can never forget a group of us watching cartoons out of an iPad at 3 AM during Relay for Life. How about having delicious pasta at the KAPi secretary’s house right before a Pistons game? Seriously, from a Ratatouille movie night, to the grooviest Tailgates I have attended—my time here at Michigan will forever be treasured. From experience, I promise you that this crazy, brilliant, and marvelous group of people will have your back and will remain your friends for life.


I am grateful to KAPi for encouraging this kind of fellowship among the fraternity. With any good organization, I emphasize that this group will change your life, and help you to accomplish things that will be close to impossible to do you by yourself.


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